Sushi Shiono Hawaii | Japanese Restaurant in the Big Island

Sushi Shiono is a Sushi and Japanese cuisine restaurant in Hawaii, offer only the finest and freshest selections of fish from all over the world, including local Kona fish expertly prepared by experienced Japanese chefs.


IZAKAYA SHIONO is the 2nd location of Shiono in Kailua Kona

IZAKAYA SHIONO is the 2nd location of Shiono in Kailua Kona located in the Brewery Block. It’s casual atmosphere with many selections of authentic Japanese food, sushi, homemade ramen noodles and lots of sake choices.

Shiono-ya is located inside KTA store in Kailua Kona

Shiono-ya is located inside KTA store in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, serving take-out sushi and japanese food bento with the same good quality as other Shiono dine-in restaurants in the same town. Grab and go is easy and contactless and you can also order sushi platters and other pupus over the counter.


The ingredients we use are important

Sea Urchin/Uni from Hokkaido (Japan) and Russia
King Salmon from Scotland and the Atlantic
Yellowtail/Hamachi from Japan
Bluefin/Toro from Japan
Abalone from NELHA, Big Island
Kampachi from Kona

At Sushi Shiono, we pride ourselves on serving only the highest quality, fresh seafood and seasonal delicacies from Kona such as ahi, ono, butterfish and abalone. Hawaiian beef is also on the menu. Premium fish arrives weekly directly from Japan. Additionally, we obtain the finest beef, pork, duck and chicken featured in our delicious entrées and appetizers. Island-fresh produce includes spring mix and spinach from Waimea.


The rice we use is Tamaki Gold Koshihikari rice, considered the finest super-premium short-grain rice in the world. Its firmness, consistency, aroma and natural sweetness offer perfection for making superior sushi.




    HAPPY HOLIDAYS🎄 We deeply appreciate your continued support of our restaurant. Your loyalty and trust in our brand is invaluable, and we are eternally grateful. As a token of our appreciation we would like to give all of the customers who dine in between 12/1......